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Alice Schwarzer

Alice Schwarzer was born in Wuppertal in 1942. Following an apprenticeship and employment in business she studied languages, worked as an editor, and from 1970 worked as a freelance correspondent in Paris. After returning to Germany, she published her book »Der kleine Unterschied und seine großen Folgen« (1975; t: The Little Difference and its Big Consequences), which made her the country’s most famous feminist. 1977 saw the publication of the first issue of »Emma«, the magazine she helped to found and continues to publish. She has published over twenty-six books as an author and has been the editor of seventeen. Schwarzer lives in Cologne.

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Der kleine Unterschied und
seine großen Folgen
S. Fischer
Frankfurt/Main, 1975

Die Antwort
Kiepenheuer & Witsch
Köln, 2007