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Herkunft: United Kingdom

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson was born in London in 1978. His debut »Communion Town« [2012] was nominated for the Man Booker Prize in the year it was published. Although the novel is subtitled »A City in Ten Chapters«, its multidimensionality can hardly be limited to that of a city novel, but rather

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi was born in Mengo, Uganda, in 1967. During the years of Idi Amin’s tyranny, her father, a banker, was imprisoned and brutalized. Makumbi grew up with her aunt, first in Nakasero, then in Kololo. She began writing plays for various competitions while still at school. After graduating

Bernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Evaristo was born as the fourth of eight children to an English mother and Nigerian father in London in 1959. She studied drama at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and gained a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. She was a co-founder of the

Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith was born in London in 1975 and studied English literature at King’s College, Cambridge. Her international breakthrough as a writer came with her debut novel »White Teeth« [2000]. The novel follows Englishman Archibald and the Bangladeshi Samad, who were once comrades in World War II. When they meet

Boris Akunin

born in Zestafoni, now Georgia, in 1965 as Grigori Chkhartishvili. He has been publishing historical crime novels under his pseudonym since 1998 and quickly became one of the most widely read authors in Russia. His books have been translated into more than forty languages. As an opponent of the current

Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto was born in Kabul in 1982. She grew up in Syria and Karachi with her father, who lived in exile during the military regime of General Zia-ul-Haq. Fatima Bhutto is the granddaughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and niece of Benazir Bhutto. During their terms

Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo was born in 1973 and grew up in southern China. She studied at the Film Academy of Beijing and the National Film and Television School in London. As a prizewinning, but censorship-restricted writer of screenplays, she initially published several acclaimed and widely translated novels. In 2002, Guo moved

Will Self

Will Self was born in 1961 in London. From age 10, he was an avid reader of science fiction (Frank Herbert, J. G. Ballard, and Philip K. Dick). At Exeter College, Oxford, he studied philosophy, politics, and economics and was the editor of a left-wing student paper. He later worked as

William Sutcliffe

William Sutcliffe was born in London in 1971. From the age of 16, after reading Ian McEwan’s novel »The Cement Garden« (1978), he began to feel that he wanted to be a writer. Sutcliffe studied English at Cambridge and penned a number of scripts for the Footlights Dramatic Club from

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth was born in Calcutta in 1952 and grew up in India and London. His mother was the first female Chief of Justice of a state High Court and also enjoyed success as a writer with her autobiography. After completing his studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford,

Umber Ghauri

is a stylist, author, and model. They completed a course in makeup after their studies at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Based on their understanding of the portrayal of different people in art and media, they ascribes a special responsibility to stylists. Umber works as a stylist for theater, film,