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Herkunft: Indonesia

Thé Tjong-Khing

The »Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung« celebrated Thé Tjong-Khing’s picture book, »Waar is de taart?« (2004; t: Where is the cake?), as a »great work of little things«. It shows an illustrious animal society’s turbulent search for a coveted cake. Thé was born to a Chinese-Indonesian family in Purworedjo, on Java, in

Pallavi Aiyar

Award winning journalist and author, Pallavi Aiyar has reported from China, Europe and Indonesia. Her most recent book, »Punjabi Parmesan: Dispatches from a Europe in Crisis« (2013), presents a witty Asian perspective on contemporary Europe’s travails. Pallavi’s 2008, best selling, China-memoir, »Smoke and Mirrors« (2008), won the Vodafone-Crossword Popular award.

Okky Madasari

Indonesian writer and journalist Okky Puspa Madasari was born in Magetan in 1984 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Gadjah Mada University in 2005. From 2012 to 2014, she completed her master’s in sociology with a graduating thesis titled »Genealogy of the Indonesian Novel – Capitalism,

Leila S. Chudori

Leila Salikha Chudori was born in 1962 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Leila is the daughter of the former co-founder of the English-language newspaper »The Jakarta Post.« After graduating with a degree in philosophy and political science from Trent University in Canada in 1988, she worked as a journalist for the Indonesian

Laksmi Pamuntjak

Laksmi Pamuntjak was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1971. After already writing her first stories at age six, she won her first national literary prize at the age of eight. In 2001, she co-founded Aksara Bookstore in Jakarta. Pamuntjak has written for numerous Indonesian publications such as the »Jakarta Post«

Eka Kurniawan

Eka Kurniawan was born in 1975 in the Indonesian city of Tasikmalaya, West Java. He completed his philosophy studies at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta with a thesis on Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006), one of the best-known Indonesian writers of the 20th century. Kurniawan’s own breakthrough as an author came

Dorothea Rosa Herliany

The Indonesian poet and writer, Dorothea Rosa Herliany, was born in Magelang/Central Java in 1963. She studied Indonesian language and literature at Sanata Dharma University in the Javanese town of Yogyakarta. Herliany already started writing at the age of 16 and worked for various newspapers and magazines during her studies.

Ayu Utami

Ayu Utami was born in Bogor near the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in 1968. She is one of the most prominent representatives of a new generation of Indonesian writers, who, even before the end of the Suharto regime, were already openly addressing the social and cultural conflicts of the island

Agus R. Sarjono

Agus R. Sarjono was born in 1962 in Bandung.  He is one of the most popular authors of the younger generation in Indonesia, whose poetry signals a shift in values in a country characterized by tradition and trauma, by introspection and innovation, and which at the same time is seeking

Afrizal Malna

Afrizal Malna was born in 1957 in Jakarta, where he still lives today. He elected not to finish his philosophy studies at Driyakara College. The archaic body becomes his primary confirmation in facing any representations derived from meaning. He researches the material aspects from our existence by focusing on everyday