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ilb Jahre: 2012

Gerald Uhlig

born in Heidelberg in 1953, worked after his studies in Music and Performing Arts in Vienna as a director and actor at several German-speaking theatres and staged three muscials about Otto Dix, Pablo Picasso and George Grosz respectively. He staged the German premiere of »New York Story« with Yoko Ono.

Zeruya Shalev

Zeruya Shalev was born in Kinneret kibbutz in Galilee, Israel, in 1959. She took Biblical Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; after graduation, she initially worked as an editor. »Ḥayyê ahavā« (1997; Eng. »Love Life«, 2007), the first volume of a novel trilogy, brought her international acclaim as a

Yasmine El Rashidi

Yasmine El Rashidi lives and works in Cairo. She regularly contributes to the New York Review of Books, and is an editor of Bidoun Magazine for contemporary Middle East art and culture. The Battle for Egypt, an anthology of her texts about the Egyptian revolution, was published in 2011.

Wolfram Höll

Wolfram Höll was born in Leipzig in 1986, and studied at the Swiss Institute of Literature in Biel. He is currently working on his Master in Scenic Arts Practice at the Academy of the Arts in Berne. Höll produced theatre projects for the Schlachthaus Theater Bern and various drama festivals.

Wladimir Kaminer

Wladimir Kaminer was born in 1967 in Moscow. After studying to be a sound engineer for theatre and radio, he studied dramaturgy at the Moscow Institute of Theatre. In 1990, he moved to East Berlin in what was at that point still the GDR. After being assigned a place in

Witi Ihimaera

Ihimaera became the first Maori novelist with the publication of »Tangi« (1973). His subsequent work immediately received recognition for its lyrical representations of the tribal and rural experiences of Maori people in New Zealand. The ways in which his writing integrated Maori life, language, traditions and mythology into the predominantly

Vladimir Sorokin

Vladimir Sorokin was born in 1955 in Bykovo near Moscow. Following his studies in Engineering at the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas he worked for a year at the newspaper »Smena«, began working with painting and graphics, and participated in numerous exhibitions, as well as illustrating roughly 50 books.

Valère Novarina

The playwright, theatre theoretician and painter Valère Novarina was born in Chêne-Bougeries near Geneva, Switzerland, in 1947. The son of the architect Maurice Novarina and the actress Manon Trolliet spent his childhood and youth in Thonon-les-Bains in the region of Haute-Savoie, before he moved to Paris to study Philosophy and

Uri Orlev

Uri Orlev was born as Jerzy Henryk Orlowski in Warsaw in 1931. His father was a physician and a reserve officer in the Polish army. When the Second World War started his father was called up to serve in to the army. Orlev, his mother and younger brother were moved

Tony Birch

Tony Birch grew up in Melbourne. Expelled from several schools as an adolescent, he did not graduate until later. Enthusiastic about literature, he decided to study at the University of Melbourne, where he has now been teaching courses in creative writing at the School of Culture and Communication for more

Tomas Venclova

Tomas Venclova was born in the Lithuanian harbour city of Klaipéda (formerly Memel) in 1937. He studied Lithuanian Language and Literature and Russian Literature in Vilnius. During longer abodes in Moscow (1961–1965) and Leningrad (1969–1972) he met other writers and dissidents, and became an activist in the civil rights movement.