24. ilb
Evening program: Sept 05 – 14, 2024
Young program: Sept 09 – 18, 2024

On Alien Bodies and Magical Horror

Bora Chung’s stories from the volume »Cursed Bunny« create an absurd universe between ghost story, science fiction, mythical fantasy, fairy tale, and horror. Again and again, the stories deal with transformations and revenge. Mónica Ojeda’s novel »Jawbone« also plays with elements of horror. It explores the fine line between fear and desire as well as the irritating fascination of the female body in adolescence. The authors discuss the feminist potentials of magical realism.

A collaboration with the Cluster of Excellence »Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective« at Freie Universität Berlin.

Hosted by Zara Rahman.

The event will be in English.