24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

Jordan Scott: I Talk Like a River & My Baba’s Garden

Discussion, Reading, Picture Book Cinema, Q&A

I Talk like a River

A nameless boy cannot speak the way he would like. Again and again he stutters and his words seem to get stuck in his mouth. At school he tries to be invisible so he doesn´t have to talk. Then his father takes him on a trip to the river and points out that the water moves the way the boy speaks: sometimes bubbling, sometimes roaring, sometimes completely still. The virtuously written and illustrated autobiographical book tells of marginalization, self-discovery, and a special father-son relationship.

My Baba’s Garden

A nameless boy enjoys spending time with his Baba, who understands only fragments of what her grandchild says. She lives in a small house with a garden where she grows everything she needs to survive. But one day everything changes when Baba has to move out of her little house. A text full of imagery and images that speak volumes together tell a story of loss, remembrance and the rituals of a unique relationship between grandmother and grandchild.

The event is in German and English.
Hosted by Philip Geisler.
Read by Martin Geisler.
Interpreter: Tuesday Bhambry.

Text by Jordan Scott.
Illustrations by Sydney Smith
Translated by Bernadette Ott.

Recommended for grades 1 to 3.