24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

Donna Barba Higuera: The Last Cuentista

Discussion, Reading, Q&A

Before a comet destroys the Earth, Petra Peña reaches the life-saving spaceship. When she awakens from a deep sleep centuries later, no one but her remembers Earth. A new Collective stands above all, and demands obedience and sameness. But Petra carries the stories of the past within her and wants to ensure the survival of mankind. A powerful and captivating novel about the value of stories and individuality – and the question what it means to be human.

The event is in German and English.
Hosted by Alexander Lehnert.
Read by Kristin Alia Hunold.
Interpreter: Tuesday Bhambry.

Text by Donna Barba Higuera.
Translation by Jennifer Michalski.

Recommended for grades 6 to 8.

To kick off the event, Lenke Molnár [winner of lyrix] will read her text “My Clover Misses Happiness”.