Yorick Goldewijk: Films die nergens draaien

Discussion, Reading, Q&A

Cato lives alone with her father, who has completely withdrawn into himself and barely pays her any attention since her mother’s death. So she is all the more curious when one day the mysterious theater operator, Ms. Kano, appears at their door claiming to know her father. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey through time and memories that will change Cato’s life forever. Both suspenseful and emotional, this novel tells the story of the profound importance of small, interpersonal moments.

With Yorick Goldewijk

With Jona Valentin Rose – Die Spur der Gefühle (Pre-Program)

Moderated by Alexander Lehnert
Read by Dorothee Krüger
Interpreted by N. N.

Grade 5 – 7 | Booking Number 1002


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