Whispers From the Past – Collective Remembering

Forms of remembering bring together the very different literary worlds of the fjords of Scandinavia, the Chilean metropolis of Santiago and the Congo Delta for this event. Whether through the traces of political violence or personal experiences, the past makes itself felt everywhere. Linnea Axelsson, Nona Fernández and Fiston Mwanza Mujila contribute to the »meandering of collective memory« and find narrative forms that are as captivating as they are poetic.

In cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence »Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective« at Freie Universität Berlin.

With Linnea Axelsson, Nona Fernández, Fiston Mwanza Mujila

Moderated by Julia Korbik

The event will be held in English.


We sell our tickets via the Berliner Festspiele website.