Said Etris Hashemi: Der Tag, an dem ich sterben sollte

Discussion and Reading

Said Etris Hashemi grew up in the Kesselstadt district of Hanau, which is often referred to in public as a ›migrant hotspot‹ or ›problem district‹. But for Etris, it’s not a problem area – it’s his home. A home that is completely turned upside down when, on February 19, 2020, a right-wing extremist shoots nine people at multiple locations out of racist motives, leaving others seriously injured. Among them the then 23-year-old Etris, his brother Nesar, and many of their friends. In his book, Etris tells the story of his life to illustrate the facets and impacts of structural racism in Germany.

With Said Etris Hashemi

Moderated by Stephan Anpalagan

Grade 10 – 12 | Booking Number 1203


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