Marie Dorléans: Herbes folles & Nous avons rendez-vous

Discussion, Reading with picture-book-cinema, Q&A

Marie Dorléans: Herbes folles

At the Picobello household, everything must be just so. In their garden, every lawn edge is as straight as a ruler, and even the colors of the flowers are carefully coordinated. But one day, the plant world starts to rebel, growing wildly out of control, and eventually finding its way into the house. A vibrantly illustrated picture book that lets plants and imagination flourish, playfully inviting you to let go and go with the flow.

Marie Dorléans: Nous avons rendez-vous

In the middle of the night, while most houses have long since shut their eyes, a family sets out on a hike: through the slumbering village, into the woods, and up the mountain, where they have a very special appointment. With poetic language and an impressive interplay of blues and yellows, the book creates the sensory experience of a warm summer night, inviting readers on a stroll through nature alongside the characters.

With Marie Dorléans
Moderated by Tuesday Bhambry
Read by Dorothee Krüger
Interpreted by N. N.

Grade 1 – 3 | Booking Number 1802


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