Kat Leyh: Snapdragon

Discussion, Reading with comic-cinema, Live illustration, Q&A

While searching for her dog, Snap ends up in the woods at the home of old Jacks, who everyone says is a witch. All she really does is collect the skeletons of roadkill, which she reassembles and sells online. But the better Snap gets to know Jacks, the more it seems there might be some truth to the rumors after all. And then there’s the unusual connection Jacks has to Snap’s family. Fast-paced, witty, and heartfelt, this multifaceted comic tells a story of being an outsider, self-discovery, and true friendship .

With Kat Leyh

Moderated by Alexander Lehnert
Read by N. N.
Interpreted by N. N.

Grade 6 – 8 | Booking Number 1601


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