Arndís Thórarinsdóttir & Hulda Sigrún Bjarnadóttir: Blokkin á heimsenda

Discussion, Reading, Q&A

Dagny is thrilled: she finally gets to meet her grandma, who lives on a remote island. Once there, she can hardly believe it: all 197 inhabitants live together in a single twelve-storey tower block. And everyone has to do their bit for the community. What’s more, threatening incidents keep occurring. Dagny makes it her mission to get to the bottom of them. Unconventional and humorous, this novel explores solidarity, resource awareness, and forms of communal living.

With Arndís Thórarinsdóttir & Hulda Sigrún Bjarnadóttir

Read by Sabine Wiedemann (Pre-Program)

Moderated by Philip Geisler
Read by Regina Gisbertz
Interpreted by N. N.

Grade 5 – 7 | Booking Number 1201


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