24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

The Alliance Between Russia and China: Rüdiger von Fritsch, Viktor Jerofejew, Stephan Thome, Bobo Lo, Volker Stanzel, Volker Weichsel

Long before the war in Ukraine and before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the »rock-solid« friendship [Xi Jinping, February 4, 2022] between China and Russia was thriving. In a bilateral event held since 2018 by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Moscow-based think tank Russian International Affairs Council, Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, stressed the need for cooperation »in a new era«. Which way will China and Russia go in the future and how is this cooperation to be assessed, and how can Europe react to it, when even Russia’s annihilation war in Ukraine is tolerated in China?

Moderation: Volker Weichsel
Language: English


Wednesday, 2022-09-14