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5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

12. Graphic Novel Day – Max De Radiguès: Alerte 5/ Everett Glenn: Unsmooth

The latest graphic novel by the Belgian artist depicts the explosion of a NASA rocket after launch. Because of the supposed terrorist context, alert level 5 is then triggered, which means complete isolation from the outside world for a team of five astronauts on Mars. The pressure pushes everyone involved to their limits … »›Alerte 5‹ is a thriller that amazes, surprises and thrills« [ligne claire].

An aspiring artist becomes embroiled in criminal activity in Everett Glenn’s debut, »Unsmooth #1«. »It is a complex meditation on masculinity, race, class, the art world and the act of cartooning, dressed up to look like a stylish thriller, and drawn with heaps of confidence and skill« [The Comic Journal]. The prequel, »Unsmooth #2: BUM«, tells the back story: formally experimental and multi-layered, it explores the sense of existential dread.

Moderation: Lilian Pithan
Languages: English, French

Tickets at the box office at silent green Kulturquartier


Saturday, 2022-09-10