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Category: Catalogs and Anthologies

Scritture Giovani

Scritture Giovani is a project conceptualized by Festivaletteratura in 2002 to promote young European writers. It started with the support of the European Union’s Cultural Programme and has continued with increasing success. Scritture Giovani involves several of Europe’s major literary festivals – Festivaletteratura, Hay Festival (United Kingdom) and international literature

Exhibition catalogues

Exhibition catalogue 2013 “Comics from Berlin. Images of a city” Challenging, diverse and funny – that’s comics from Berlin! From an anarchical fanzine to a narratively elaborate graphic novel, all known varieties of the comic are at home here, supported by an enthusiastic network of big and small publishing houses.

Berlin Anthology

Texts and poems from all over the world, chosen by guests of the international literature festival berlin, are contained within this anthology. It is an extraordinary and personal collection of texts, many of which have been translated for the first time into German. The international literature festival berlin offers visitors

The Catalogue

The annually-published festival catalogue contains photos, biographies and selected bibliographies of all participating writers. Since 2003 the authors have additionally been asked to answer a selected question in a concise and spontaneous way. In 2009 and 2008 we have inquired in the “Berlin.Views” of our guests. In the three years before