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Portrait Wayne Koestenbaum
© Hartwig Klappert

Wayne Koestenbaum

Wayne Koestenbaum is a New York poet and cultural critic. He studied at Harvard, received a Ph.D. at Princeton and writes for journals such as the »London Review of Books«, »New York Magazine« and the »Times Magazine«. Koestenbaum has published one novel, a biography of Andy Warhol, five volumes of poetry, prose and essays, often with commentary on intellectual debates within the queer community. Among his books translated into German is »Jackie O.« (1997).

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Double talk
New York, 1989

Ode to Anna Moffo and other poems
Persea Books
New York, 1990

Königin der Nacht
Stuttgart, 1996
[Ü: Joachim Kalka]

Jackie O.
Stuttgart, 1997
[Ü: Joachim Kalka]

The milk of inquiry
Persea Books
New York, 1999

Ballantine Books
New York, 2000

Andy Warhol
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
London, 2001

Model homes
BOA Editions
Rochester, 2004

Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes
Soft Skull Press
Brooklyn, 2004

Best-selling Jewish porn films
Turtle Point Press
New York, 2006

Übersetzer: Joachim Kalka