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Portrait Veronika Dintinjana
© Hartwig Klappert

Veronika Dintinjana

Veronika Dintinjana, born in 1977, was selected as »Best Young Author« at the Festival of Young Literature, Urška, Slovenia, in 2002. Since then her poems have been published in »Banipal«, »Stony Thursday«, »Wyspa« and various other magazines. In 2008 she won the Maribor Poetry Tournament, the 6th Ljubljana Poetry Slam, and published her first volume of poetry, »Rumeno gori grm forzicij« (2008; tr. Yellow Burns the Forsythia Bush), which received the Best First Book award at the 24th Slovenian Book Fair. Her second book, »V suhem doku« (2016; tr. In Dry Dock) was was nominated for the National Book Critic’s Award Kritiško sito.

Veronika Dintinjana is also a translator of contemporary North American and Irish poetry. She is one of the founders of the Kentaver Art and Literary Society, and organizes the »Mlade Rime« monthly poetry readings as well as the annual poetry festival of the same name at Tovarna Rog, the autonomous art zone of Ljubljana. She is also edits a book series of world poetry classics in translation with Kentaver. Veronika Dintinjana lives in Ljubljana. Her other vocation is medicine.


Rumeno gori grm forzicij
Ljubljana, 2008
V suhem doku
Ljubljana, 2016