22. ilb 07. - 17.09.2022

Ulrike Almut Sandig

Portrait Ulrike Almut Sandig
© Ali Ghandtschi

Ulrike Almut Sandig was born in Saxony in 1979, and is the co-founder of »Literatursache augenpost«, for which she posted poems in the streets until 2005 and wrote free postcards in 2007. Her studies and work opportunities led her to France and India. A master’s thesis in religious studies and Indian languages and literature followed. In 2004 she began a course of study at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. After her first volume of poetry was published, »Zunder« (2005; t: Tinder), she was awarded the Meran Poetry Prize and the Hertha König Prize for Promising Writers. She worked on her second volume of poetry, »Streumen«, in Australia, and became an editor for the literary magazine »EDIT« in 2007. She lives in Leipzig.