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Tomasz Leśniak

Polish animation artist, designer and illustrator Tomasz Lew Leśniak was born in Warsaw in 1977. He studied Graphic Design at the European Academy of the arts in Warsaw, and published his first comic in 1990. Together with the author Rafał Skarżycki he created »Jeż Jerzy«, whose first adventure appeared in the journal »Ślizg« in 1996. The first album was published in 2002, and eight more sequels were to follow. »Jeż Jerzy«, George the Hedgehog, lives in Poland today. His stories focus on social and political phenomena, and are often parodies of well-known events, including horror films like »The Exorzist«. Leśniak’s pictorial language combines traditional illustration and the concepts of underground art. His statements are as straightforward as entertaining. The two artists, Tomasz Lew Leśniak and Rafał Skarżycki, also published a comic series for children. »Tymek i Mistrz« (tr: Tymek and the Master) is about a sorcerer’s apprentice and his teacher. The plot is set in the Middle Ages, yet full of motifs and references to present times. Tomasz Lew Leśniak is also the author of the fanzine »Mięso« (tr: Meat), the comic series »Opowieści wakacyjne ku przestrodze czytelników« (tr: Summer Holiday Stories as a Warning to the Reader), »Euzebiusz i Cezary« (tr: Eusebius and Caesar, with Rafał Skarżycki) and »Kfiatuszki« (tr: Little Flower, with Dennis Wojda), which was published by the journal »Filipinka«.
For »Jeż Jerzy« Leśniak received the Grand Prix łódzkiego Festiwalu Komiksu at the International Comic Festival in Łódź in 1999. He has worked on several animated movies, and, together with Wojciech Wawszczyk and Jakub Tarkowski, he was the director for »Jeż Jerzy« the film, which had its premiere in Poland in March 2011, and was screened internationally for the first time at the South West Film Festival in Austin (USA) shortly after. Tomasz Lew Leśniak lives in Warsaw.

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