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Portrait Thomas Melle
© Ali Gandtschi

Thomas Melle

Thomas Melle was born in Bonn in 1975, and lives in Berlin. He completed his studies in comparative literature and linguistics in Tübingen, Austin (Texas) and Berlin, with a master’s thesis on William T. Vollmann. Melle took part in the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition, and was nominated for the German Book Prize for his translation of Vollmann’s »Whores for Gloria«. His play »4 Millionen Türen« (t: 4 million doors) was performed in the Deutsche Theater Berlin with Martin Heckmanns in 2004. It was followed by »Haus der Sonne« (t: House of the sun) in the Theater Erlangen in 2006 and »Licht frei Haus« (t: Free delivery of light) in the Staatstheater Karlsruhe in 2007. Melle has received various grants and awards, including the Bremen Literature Prize for Promising Writers for »Raumforderung« (t: Claims on space).