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Portrait Thilo Thielke
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Thilo Thielke

born in 1968, is a German author and journalist. From 1990-1996, Thielke worked for »Spiegel TV« and then switched to »Spiegel«, where he worked in different departments for a while before moving to Nairobi as a reporter in 2003. Subsequently, he became a correspondent in Bangkok. Since 2013, he and his family have been living in Cape Town and operating a lodge at the Kilimanjaro.


Eine Liebe in Auschwitz


München, 2002

»An Gott kommt keiner vorbei …«

Das Leben des Reinhard »Stan« Libuda

Die Werkstatt

Göttingen, 2002


Reportagen und Reiseberichte aus dem Herzen Ostafrikas

Brandes & Apsel

Frankfurt a. M., 2015