22. ilb 07. - 17.09.2022

Tang Xiadou

Tang Xiaodu was born in 1954 in Yizheng, in the province of Jiangsu. After completing his degree in Chinese Studies at the Nanking University, he worked as an editor for several publishing houses and magazines, including »Poetry Monthly«. Early on in his career he emerged as a translator of European literature, and soon devoted himself to his own work alongside review writing. He has come to be considered one of China’s most significant literary critics.

In addition, Tang Xiaodu is known a spirited pathfinder and champion of younger poets. In 1987 he published, with Wang Jiaxin, the anthology »A selection of contemporary experimental Chinese poetry.« After the events of 1989 the »Club of the surviving« (poets), which he co-founded in 1988, was disbanded, proving the strength of the poetry Tang Xiaodu writes and represents. Although his anthologies were viewed with suspicion by Chinese officials and removed from sale a few years ago, unlike a number of his colleagues he did not give up and allow himself to be silenced. He pursued his work in literary theory and poetry politely and resolutely. What is more, he urges other poets to cultivate their individual voices. In Berlin his own poetry will be performed in a Western language for the first time.

Tang Xiaodu currently holds several positions, including an honorary professorship at the University of Hainan and an academic research post in modern Chinese poetry at the University of Beijing, where he lives.

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