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Portrait Sabine Scho
© Matthias Holtmann

Sabine Scho

Sabine Scho was born in 1970 in Ochtrup, Westfalia. From 1990 to 1999 she studied German literature and philosophy at the Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster. She subsequently lived in Hamburg until she moved to São Paulo in 2006. Her first volume of poetry, »Album«, first appeared as »Thomas Kling entdeckt Sabine Scho« (2001; tr. Thomas Kling discovers Sabine Scho) with a foreword by the renowned poet and performance artist, who praised Scho’s debut work for its precision and dauntlessness: »conversion of the apparently inconvertible, that is ›Album‹. […] Along with a persistent toughness there are beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful coincidences in her poems, which the poet, it seems, only allows herself after careful scrutiny«. In 2001 Scho received the Leonce-und-Lena Prize and the research prize issued by the Ernst Meister Prize of GWK Association for the Promotion of Cultural Work in Westfalia and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2003 she received a residence scholarship for Lion Feuchtwanger’s Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. In 2008 her debut was reissued under its original title, illustrated with drawings and photographs. In the same year came her second volume of verse and images, »farben« (tr. colours), in which she employed her accustomed critical and polyglot style to confront a perception which, from a language philosophy perspective, remains elusive. Each of the 33 poems is dedicated to a colour. Scho’s complex verse brings together a multiplicity of voices and sensory impressions where technical jargon alternates with everyday speech. Associations full of references and wordplay, combined with original neologisms, are testament to a broad spectrum of lyrical expression. With her appearances at international festivals and through her radio piece »Grober Rundfunk« (tr. Rough Broadcast) she has also created a profile for herself as a powerful performer. Together with Monika Rinck and Ann Cotten she conceived the »Rotten-Kinck-Schow« a performative mix of lyrical experimentation and theoretical digressions, which they prepare and pursue on their homepage.

Her interdisciplinary project »Tiere in Architektur« (tr. Animals in Architecture) also originated on the Internet. It is a project which she continues as an atelier book for a publication with the same title. Among other things she portrays the verbalisation inherent in the many forms of human-animal interaction. In her own strophes and prose fragments, suffused with images, quotes and excerpts, she playfully addresses the most diverse phenomena, from breeding to domestication of pets and animals for exhibitional purposes, hunting and diverse discourses of domination. The condensate of this poetological inquiry will be published soon (in the autumn/winter of 2013).

In 2012 Scho received the Anke Bennholdt-Thomsen Poetry Prize of the Deutsche Schiller Stiftung (German Schiller Foundation). Scho divides her time between São Paulo and Berlin.




Berlin, 2008



Berlin, 2008

Frauenliebe und -leben

Variation zu Adelbert von Chamisso

[Mit Ulf Stolterfoht]


Berlin, 2010

Flarf Berlin. 95 Netzgedichte

[Hg. v. Stephan Porombka]

[Mit neun weiteren DichterInnen]

Edition Pächterhaus

Hildesheim, 2012

Tiere in Architektur


Berlin, 2013