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Portrait Matthias Penzel
© Ali Ghandtschi

Matthias Penzel

born in Mainz in 1966, is a German writer and journalist. He studied philosophy, philology, and sociology in Cologne. He then spent ten years in London as a correspondent and editor-in-chief at various magazines. He has lived in Berlin since 2001 and writes about culture and music, including for »Spiegel Online«, »Rolling Stone« and the »Frankfurter Rundschau«. In 2014, a new edition of his biography about Jörg Fauser, »Rebell im Cola-Hinterland« (2004), was published.


Berlin, 2004
Objekte im Rückspiegel …
Freiburg i. Br., 2010
Rebell im Cola-Hinterland
Jörg Fauser. Die Biografie
[Mit Ambros Waibel]
Hamburg, 2014