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Portrait Patrick Bahners
© Hartwig Klappert

Patrick Bahners

Patrick Bahners born in Paderborn in 1967, he studied history and philosophy in Bonn and Oxford. The journalist and author became an editor for the feuilleton of the German daily »FAZ« in 1989, and its head in 2001. He was a lecturer at the universities of Bonn and Frankfurt/Main, and a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. In his polemical writing »Die Panikmacher« (tr. The Scaremonger) he discusses the increasingly xenophobic feelings in Germany against Islam and puts to right some false statements made by those critical of Islam.

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Im Mantel der Geschichte
Helmut Kohl oder die Unersetzlichkeit
München, 1998

Preußische Stile
Ein Staat als Kunststück
Stuttgart, 2001
[Hg. mit Gerd Roellecke]

Die Panikmacher
Die deutsche Angst vor dem Islam
Eine Streitschrift
München, 2011