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Portrait Michael Krüger
© Ali Ghandtschi

Michael Krüger

born in Wittgendorf in 1943. Michael Krüger was a bookseller in London, a literary critic and an editor, before he became the director of Carl Hanser Verlag in 1986. Since 1981 he has published the literary journal »Akzente«. Krüger is one of the most important publishers in Germany and has produced important works as a poet, prose writer and essayist. Most recently he published »Umstellung der Zeit« (2013; tr: Changing the time). In 2013 he received the London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award. Krüger lives in Munich.


Das Ende des Romans
Eine Novelle
Salzburg, 1990
Literatur als Lebensmittel
München, 2008
Umstellung der Zeit
Berlin, 2013