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Marco Archetti

Marco Archetti was born in Brescia in 1976. His first novel, “Lola Motel”, was published in 2004. As with the following work, “Vent’anni che non dormo” (t: Twenty Years Since I’ve Slept), he depicts with grotesque exaggeration and ironic mockery an aloof romantic relationship. Archetti, who is influenced by Nabokov, Dickens and Truffaut, has also written about two hundred songs and was selected for, but did not perform at, the famous pop festival in Sanremo. According to his own declaration, he lived in his Fiat Panda, in a warehouse, and he spent several years in Havana, where he gave lessons in Creative Writing. He has published in the newspaper “Nuovi Argomenti”. In 2006, his novel “Maggio splendeva” was published.

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Lola Motel
Meridiano Zero
Padua, 2004

Vent´anni che non dormo
Mailand, 2005

Maggio splendeva
Mailand, 2006

Übersetzer: Martina Kempter