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Lorenzo Mattotti

Lorenzo Mattotti was born in Brescia in 1954. While still a student of architecture at the University of Venice he started drawing comics for magazines and publishers. After graduating from university he dedicated himself totally to this genre. Together with other Italian comics designers he founded the »Valvoline« in 1983. In its works the group transcends the boundaries of comics, illustration and independent art.
Following his first important productions – »Incidenti« and »Dottor Nefasto« (1981) − Mattotti created his visionary masterpiece »Fuochi« (1984; Eng. »Fires«, 1986), which won him international acclaim and awards. The book launched his career, and paved the way for his essential and extremely evocative style. Mattotti in his own words: »I gave up the notion of the comic strip as a cinematographic experience, which has been linked with the idea that you have to show everything, every single movement, etc., in order to allow for a greater possibility of interpretation by the reader.« Mattotti’s coherence and stylistic persistence also shows in numerous other works, including »La zona fatua« (1993; Eng. »Murmur«, 1989), »L’uomo alla finestra« (1992; Eng. »The Man at the Window «, 1992), »Stigmate« (1999; Eng. »Stigmata«, 2000), »Jekyll & Hyde« (2002; Eng.. »Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde«, 2002), and »Rumore della brina« (2003; Eng. »The Rumour of the Frost «, 2003). The artist reverts to other styles and art forms, but also tries new options and trusts in innovative approaches. His books have been translated into many languages and are published worldwide.
Mattotti is also a successful graphic designer. He has published in international newspapers and journals, including »Liberation», »Le Monde», »Corriere della Sera», »Süddeutsche Zeitung» and »The New Yorker«, and produced illustrations for famous fashion designers. He also develops advertising campaigns, covers and posters (including the official poster for the Festival of Cannes in 2000). Mattotti is also an esteemed illustrator of children’s books. He received the renowned Grand Prix di Bratislava for »Eugenio« in 1993. His film works include one of the six episodes of »Peur(s) du noir« (2007) as well as his contributions for Wong Kar-Wai’s film »Eros« and productions by Soderbergh and Antonioni. His recent works include »Scavando nell’acqua« (2008), »Appunti sul paesaggio« (2008), »Le avventure di Pinocchio« (2008), and in a joint venture with Lou Reed »The Raven« (2009). His adaptation of »Hänsel und Gretel« in the German language will see the light in 2011.
Mattotti has had several individual shows, e.g. in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem. Together with Jerry Kramsky he was awarded the Will Eisner Prize for »Jekyll & Hyde« in the USA. Lorenzo Mattotti is one of the most important and internationally famous Italian comic designers and graphic designers. He lives in Paris.

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