22. ilb 07. - 17.09.2022

Kheder Alagha

Portrait Kheder Alagha
© Jonas Wölk

born in 1963 in Salamiyah, Hama, is a Syrian poet, literary critic, journalist, and author of numerous academic works on Syrian language and literature. Until 2011, he was head editor of cultural journalism for »Jousur« and »Shurufat« and wrote for several international media outlets. The anthology »Innenansichten aus Syrien« (tr. »Inside views from Syria«) which was published by Larissa Bender in 2016, includes a text in German translation. He is also the author of three collections of poetry, including »Er schrieb« (tr. »He wrote«). In 2013, Kheder Alagha came to Germany as a Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarship recipient. He lives in Lübeck.