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Jordi Peidro

Portrait Jordi Peidro
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Jordi Peidro was born in 1965 in Alcoy in the Spanish province of Alicante. He has been working as a cartoonist for over thirty years and is the author of numerous plays and novels.

With »La herencia del mar« (2014) under the pseudonym Melchor Mombo he delivered the first part of a crime series about the Inspector Vivas, who tries to solve a crime in the surroundings of the Albufera de Valencia and has to deal with opaque family relationships, corruption, and opportunism. The second part »La ruta azul« remains unpublished thus far. In the genre of comics, he published the books »El ojo africano« and »La bahía del ahogado« as well as numerous short stories in various magazines in the 1980s and 1990s. After a long break, after 2014 further publications appeared in the magazine »Xiulit!« whit the series »Contes i llegendes« and »El sortilegi del genet iber«, as well as the books »San Francisco de Borja, Duque y Santo« and »El misterio del mundo solidario«. Peidro’s graphic novel »Esperaré siempre tu regreso« (2016), which was translated into German and French, deals with a historical topic and traces the life story of Francisco Aura Boronat. At the age of 18 he had fought against the fascists in the Spanish Civil War and had fled persecution by Franco’s troops as a so-called Red Spaniard. In France he took part in the Compagnie de Travailleurs Etrangers and was finally deported by German occupation troops to the Mauthausen concentration camp, where a total of about 7,000 republican Spaniards were imprisoned. After four years and nine months of imprisonment, after liberation he first went to France as a miner and did not return to his hometown until 1953. This graphic novel also has edition in German and in French. He was awarded the Valencia Graphic Novel Prize in 2019 for his graphic novel »La Era de Acuario«, which will also be published in Spanish and Catalan in 2020.

In addition to writing and drawing, Peidro was artistic director of the Terra Natura theme park from 2000 to 2005 and directed the »Cruïlla Cors« project from 2007 to 2008 as well as the »Les Nits de lʼOceanogràfic« show at the Valencia Aquarium from 2011 to 2012. He has also made short films, TV projects, illustrated novels, short stories, and textbooks, and has worked in the fields of advertising, animation, corporate design, stage design, and textile design. He gave workshops and taught at the Valencia Art School. Currently, Peidro is artistic director of Grupo Ilusiona and is writing a comedy for theater. He is also working on a graphic novel about the Spanish Civil War. He lives in Alcoi.