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Jasna Koteska

born in Skopje in 1970, studied literature in Macedonia and Gender Studies in Budapest. Today she works as a lecturer at the University and Centre for Woman’s Studies in Skopje. In her book »Komunistička intim« (tr: Communist Intimacy), which was highly successful in Macedonia, she examines the persecution of intellectuals by Tito’s secret police. Koteska’s father, the author Jovan Koteski, was a victim of just that until the late eighties. Koteska lives in Skopje.


Komunistička intima


Skopje, 2008


In: Nosztalgia − Ways of Revisiting the Socialist Past

Berlin, 2007

Extension of the Subject

In: Gender and Identity

Theories from Southeastern Europe

Belgrade Women’s Studies and Gender Research Center

Belgrade, 2006