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Portrait Wolfgang Herles
© Ali Ghandtschi

Wolfgang Herles

Wolfgang Herles was born in Tittling in 1950. He attended the German School of Journalism in Munich, working subsequently as political correspondent for Bavarian Broadcasting while studying German literature, history and psychology at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich where he received his PhD in 1982. From 1987 to 1991, he was head of the ZDF studio in Bonn. For more than a decade, he produced and presented the weekly programme »aspekte«. Apart from creating and hosting numerous talk shows, Herles directed a range of TV documentaries and published political non-fiction books as well as several novels, most recently »Susanna im Bade« (2014).

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Dann wählt mal schön

Wie wir unsere Demokratie ruinieren


München, 2005

Neurose D

Eine andere Geschichte Deutschlands


München, 2008

Die Dirigentin

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a. M., 2011

Susanne im Bade

S. Fischer

Frankfurt a. M., 2014