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Fabian Göranson

Fabian Göranson is born in Stockholm in 1978. After finishing his school qualifications, he goes on to study for 2 years at the Academy of the Arts in Stockholm (1997−1999) and studies Social Sciences at Stockholm University (1999−2000). In 2001, he breaks off his studies in Sweden and moves to Paris. From there, he travels through Latin America in 2003, staying for one year in Bolivia. During this time, his first comic strips appear in Swedish magazines. After returning to Sweden, he debuts with the »Gaskriget« volume (2006). In this first work, which is autobiographic, Göranson deals with his experiences while traveling in Latin America. His story tells about a young activist and other young people who have grown up in peaceful circumstances in their home countries, but are now confronted with hard political reality on their trips through Europe and South America. »Gaskriget« is a fascinating comic report that demonstrates great journalistic sensitivity and refers to Göransons allusion to a classic European tradition in the language of image and form. Göranson also proves his graphic skills and his great passion for research work in his first Graphic Novel. In 2006, he moves to Malmö and sets up the Kolik comic publishers together with three friends. His first comic album »Inferno« (2010) – an adaptation of the novel of the same name by August Strindberg from the year 1997 – is published there, and is enthusiastically received by the press and the readers alike; it is nominated for Swedens most famous comic prize, the Urhunden. The autobiographic novel »Inferno« reflects the intellectual and religious crisis of the Swedish author in the 1890s. In 1896, August Strindberg gives up his literary career to make a name for himself as a scientist by carrying out experiments in alchemy. The more experiments fail, the more he imagines that his life is controlled by invisible powers. He loses himself in a labyrinth of black magic, strange signs and paranoid delusions.
»Inferno« is one of the most difficult to understand and most mystical works of August Strindberg, which is made more accessible to readers in the comic adaptation by Fabian Göransson through its dense narrative style, humour and powerful drawings. The readers submerges into the world at the turn of the century, encounters decadent bohemian artists and religious skeptics and, in the process, gains a completely new image of the Swedish poet laureate.

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Stockholm, 2006

Stockholm, 2006

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