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Enzo [Taiwan]

Enzo was born in 1973 in Tainan in south-western Taiwan. He drew a lot as a child and won several painting competitions. While at high school he often toyed with the idea of changing to a school with a greater emphasis on art, but this was always impossible due to family pressures. Although he knew after graduating from school that he wanted to become an illustrator, he studied journalism without ever really developing an interest in the subject.

In 2001 Enzo began working as a cartoonist for the Taiwanese newspaper »Freedom Times«. His drawings soon became immensely popular. His breakthrough as an illustrator came in 2004 with his work for a new Taiwanese edition of Paolo Coelho’s »O Alquimista« (1988; En. »The Alchemist«, 1993), which was significantly more successful than the earlier edition without his illustrations. This success allowed Enzo finally to dedicate himself to illustrating. He has published eight books to date. His major themes are philosophical: Enzo constantly questions the meaning of life, the pursuit of happiness and the importance of a happy childhood in the process of becoming an adult. Enzo’s work is characterised by an expressive, melancholy style. A good example of his approach to philosophical themes are his books »Haitun ai shang re kafei« (2003, t: The Dolphin who Fell in Love with his Hot Coffee), »Yinwei xin zai zuobian« (2004; t: Because the Heart is on the Left Side) and »Xingfu lianxibu« (2007; t: Workbook for Being Happy). His most famous work to date is »Yi nian jia ban 34 hao« (2006; t. Pupil 34 in Class A for One Year). Enzo tells the story of seven-year-old »Number 34«, who is noticed in school for his remarkable drawing talent. But »Number 34« can’t handle the pressure of the performance-driven, success-obsessed school system, and breaks under the demands of his environment. It is also Enzo’s own story, whose childhood and school career spanned the 1980s in Taiwan, a period he refers to in this book as a time of great personal insecurity. Enzo’s most recent book, »Yaoguai mofan sheng« (2011; t: Model Pupil Monster) is about a schoolgirl who one morning finds herself transformed into a monster. Enzo uses the image of the monster to ask what it means to be different.

In addition to his own books, Enzo has illustrated more than 50 titles for other authors. He has won numerous awards for his work in Taiwan. He lives in New Taipei.

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Haitun ai shang re kafei
Taichung, 2003

Yinwei xin zai zuobian
Taichung, 2004

Xingfu lianxibu
Taichung, 2007

Ein Jahr lang Schüler 34 in Klasse A
Zürich, 2011

Yaoguai mofan sheng
Taichung, 2011