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Portrait Davide Morosinotto
© Hartwig Klappert

Davide Morosinotto

Davide Morosinotto was born in 1980 in Camposampiero in northern Italy and grew up in the nearby town of Este. He studied communications in Bologna and graduated with a thesis in semiotics about the American writer Philip Kindred Dick.
At 17 years of age, he had already written his first short story, which was nominated for the prestigious Premio Campiello. Since then, he has published over thirty children’s and young adult books under various pseudonyms. His adventure novel »Il rinomato catalogo Walker & Dawn« (2016; tr: The Pocket Watch Gang), reminiscent of Mark Twain, is set in the USA in the year 1904. One day, four children growing up in great poverty find three dollars in an old tin can while fishing. For them, it’s a huge amount of cash, and they order a pistol by mail order from the Chicago seller Walker & Dawn. When they receive a valuable old pocket watch instead, they want to trade the watch in hopes of getting rich. But once they reach the gangster city of Chicago, they find themselves on an even bigger adventure. »La sfolgorante luce di due stelle rosse: il caso dei quaderni di Viktor e Nadya« (2017; tr: Red Stars) is also a historical novel: In Leningrad in 1941, the twelve-year-old twins Viktor and Nadja experience how Hitler’s Germany declares war on the Soviet Union. Within a few days, all of the city’s children are to be taken to safety on special trains before the enemy arrives, and the twins are separated from each other at the crowded station. While Viktor is taken to Siberia, where he embarks on a long journey back while constantly fighting hunger and cold, his sister hides at a fort, where the situation also worsens. Both write about their experiences as the enemy gets closer: the icy winter, the starvation, the desperation of the country’s people who are threatened with bombs, but also the warmth of friendship and the hope for survival during the nearly nine hundred days of the blockade of Leningrad.
Davide Morosinotto has received numerous prizes, including the Mondadori Junior Award for the novel »La corsa della bilancia«, the Frignano Ragazzi Prize (2016), the Gigante delle Langhe (2017) and the Andersen Prize (2017). His works have been translated into more than ten languages. Together with Teo Benedetti, in 2016 he also published »Cyberbulli al tappeto«, a handbook for how to use social networks properly to avoid cyber bullying. He works as a writer, journalist, and translator and lives in Bologna.


La corsa della bilancia
Mailand, 2009
La quercia addormentata
Rom, 2012
La scuola viaggiante
San Dorligo della Valle, 2013
Die Mississippi-Bande
Wie wir mit drei Dollar reich wurden
Stuttgart, 2017
[Ü: Cornelia Panzacchi]
Verloren in Eis und Schnee
Die unglaubliche Geschichte der Geschwister Danilow
Stuttgart, 2018
[Ü: Cornelia Panzacchi]