Davide Carnevali

Portrait Davide Carnevali
© Pino Montisci

Davide Carnevali was born in Milan in 1981. He is an essayist and critic for the Catalan magazine »Pausa«, the Italian theatre magazine »Hystrio« and for the Milan publishing house Ubulibri, among others. His play »Variationen über das Kraepelin-Modell« was presented at the Theatertreffen Stückemarkt in 2009. In 2010, »Come fu che in Italia scoppiò la Rivoluzione ma nessuno se ne accurse«, directed by Eleonora Pippo, won the Scintille-award at the Asti Teatro festival. Davide Carnevali lives in Berlin.

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Davide Carnevali’s „Sweet home Europa“ drafts a complex panorama on the issue of Europe and migration. A Man, a Woman and Another are the protagonists both of various individual stories as well as of a single collective narrative – that of a family, a nation and all of mankind – which seems to repeat itself in the encounter of civilisations and the ensuing conflicts. The scenes of the events are imaginary or metaphoric places or landscapes which, like hologrammes, often seem to be something other than what they really are. In 17 scenes, Carnevali’s sophisticated text on the subject of integration deals with the chance and the capability to accept what is foreign and different.