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Danny Morrison

Danny Morrison was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1953. Evidence of his active support of the Republican movement there were his position as Editor-in-Chief of the weekly newspaper, »An Phoblacht/Republican News«, a post he assumed at the age of 22, and his political career as the press officer and as a parliamentary representative in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the party »Sinn Féin« in the 1980s. In 1990, Danny Morrison was sentenced to eight years in prison. The court considered it proved that he was involved in kidnapping and conspiring to kill an IRA member who was working for the British Army as an informant. Five years into his prison term, the sentence was ultimately rescinded as part of the peace talks which had gotten underway in the meantime.Morrison’s first novel, »West Belfast« (1989) is seen as the first literary examination of the Northern Ireland conflict. In it he tells the story of a family in the Catholic part of Belfast shortly before the outbreak of the conflict. His second novel »On the Back of the Swallow« (1994) was written by Morris during his term of imprisonment. It tells about the love between two male prisoners which breaks under the hard conditions of prison life. In »The Wrong Man«, Morrison writes about his experiences in the underground campaign of the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) in a panorama of personal conflicts between the rebels. The novel was praised by the critics for its powerful and complex narrative style and called it one of the most important books about the »Troubles«, as the conflict in Northern Ireland is referred to. In addition to the autobiographical works (»Then The Walls Came Down«, 1999, »All The Dead Voices«, 2002), Danny Morrison also contributed to the non-fiction book »Republican Voices« in 2001; in the book, former IRA activists discuss the strategy of solving the conflict in Northern Ireland using political means. He most recently published the novel »Rudi. In the Shadow of Knulp« (2010) based on an early Hermann Hesse novel.Danny Morrison lives in Belfast today and works for the »Irish Times« and international newspapers.