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Portrait Chiara Valerio
© Lavinia Azzone

Chiara Valerio

Chiaro Valerio was born in Formia in 1973. She received a doctorate in Applied Mathematics and is active as a writer, journalist and assistant professor. Her collection of short stories »A complicare le cose« (2003; t: To further complicate matters) was awarded the Carver Prize. The following collection, »Fermati un minuto o salutare« (t: Stay for a minute to say goodbye) was published recently. Valerio’s style is distinguished by digressions, composed in deadpan and richly syncopated rhythms. The manuscript of her novel, »Ognuno sta solo« (t: Everyone is alone) was recommended for publication by the readers’ community, iQuindici and will appear later this year. Valerio publishes regularly in the journal »Nuovi Argumenti«. She lives in Scauri, near Rome.

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A complicare le cose
Roma, 2003

Fermati un minuto a salutare
Roma, 2007

Übersetzer: Martina Kempter