23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Birgit Müller-Wieland

Birgit Müller-Wieland was born in Schwanenstadt, Austria, in 1962. She studied German and Psychology and wrote a PhD on “The Aesthetics of Resistance” by Peter Weiss. She has published poems, prose, essays and stories for children in literary magazines, anthologies and on the radio, and has received several prizes. Her first collection of poems ‘Ruhig Blut’ (Engl: Calm Blood) appeared in 2002. She has lived in Berlin since 1996.

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Die Farbensucherin 
Innsbruck, 1997 
Ruhig Blut 
Innsbruck, 2002 
Das neapolitanische Bett 
Berlin, 2005