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Portrait Anne-Laure Bondoux
© Sophie Elmosnino

Anne-Laure Bondoux

Anne-Laure Bondoux was born in Bois-Colombes, France, in 1971. On her way to becoming one of the most acclaimed authors of books for children and young adults in France, she completed her studies in literature, developed award-winning writers’ workshops, participated in the theatre and wrote »chanson« lyrics. In 1996, she began work for a publisher in Paris, and soon published her first works. She abandoned her job as an editor in 2000 to dedicate herself full-time to writing.

Bondoux moves with ease between genres, producing science fiction, adventure stories and realistic fiction for young people. She commented: »The universe and the themes of my books are very different. The world of the novel opens up an unbelievably vast freedom to a writer.« Bondoux’s poetic language, her believable characters and arresting dramaturgy bring her works to life. They include the science fiction series that introduces Linus Hoppe, who discovers the threats of a society split into different spheres in the not-so-distant future. »Le destin de Linus Hoppe« (2001; Eng. »The Destiny of Linus Hoppe«, 2005) and the books that follow in the series have been translated into several languages. Bondoux’s novel »La princetta et la capitaine« (2004; Eng. »The Princess and the Captain«, 2006) also transports the reader to a fantasy world. When Malva, heiress to the throne of Galicia, is to be married, she successfully escapes. In her 500-page work, the author presents elements from the great tradition of adventure literature: a rebellious princess in danger of her life, a young captain who comes to her rescue, an illustrious ship’s crew and an almost impossible quest. Bondoux explores completely different literary terrain in »La vie comme elle vient« (2004; Eng. »Life as it comes«, 2007). The book tells the story of the fun-loving twenty year-old, Patty, who becomes the guardian of her cautious fifteen year-old sister, Mado, after their parents die in an accident. Perceptive and warm-hearted, the author draws a powerful portrait of two dissimilar sisters, whose relationship experiences a further change when Patty becomes pregnant. The book was awarded the Prix des Lycéens Allemands’ special prize in 2005. In »Les Larmes de l’assassin« (2006; Eng. »The Killer’s Tears«, 2006), Bondoux masterfully explores another existential experience. In the middle of nowhere, Patagonia, Angel kills young Paolo’s parents and moves into their farmhouse. When the well-educated Luis Secunda appears, an unconventional ménage à trois begins in which the two adults compete to give Paolo fatherly affection. The author strikingly reduces all one-dimensional expectations of good and evil to absurdity. »Publishers Weekly« commented: »Bondoux’s evocative […] story reaches into the icy soul of a murderer and chronicles the effect of a needy and innocent boy.«

The author has received numerous awards for her multi-faceted work, including the Prix Sorcières in 2004. She lives with her family near Paris.

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Noémi superstar
Paris, 1999

La vie comme elle vient
L’école des loisirs
Paris, 2004

La tribu
Bayard Jeunesse
Paris, 2005

Bayard Jeunesse
Paris, 2005

Les larmes de l’assassin
Editions de la Loupe
Lyon, 2006

Linus in der Stufenwelt
Würzburg, 2006
[Ü: Silvia Schröer]

Malva. Im Bann der geheimen Inseln
Nagel & Kimche
Zürich, 2007
[Ü: Christiane Thielmann]

Le destin de Linus Hoppe
Bayard Jeunesse
Paris, 2008

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