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Anna T. Szabó

was born 1972 in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania). She moved to Hungary and studied English and Hungarian in Budapest, receiving her doctorate in 2001. Her poetry describes the personal in a matter-of-fact tone. She works as a translator, journalist, literary critic (among others at the »Hungarian Quarterly«) and was editor of the online literary archive of the Hungarian Book Foundation. Her poetry books have been translated into English and German. Szabó lives together with her husband György Dragomán and their two sons in Budapest.


Über das Auge, Das Tor

In: Budapester Szenen

Junge ungarische Lyrik

Hrsg. von Gerhard Falkner und Orsolya Kalász


Köln, 1999

[Ü: Gerhard Falkner]


Collegium Hungaricum

Wien, 2005

[Ü: István Orbán]

Der heutige Tag verlässt mich

In: Lichtungen Nr.102

Graz, 2005

[Ü: György Buda]


[Mit Helwig Brunner]


Wien, 2008