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Andreas Gefe

Andreas Gefe is a Swiss cartoonist and illustrator; he was born in 1966 in Küssnacht. He lives in Zurich and is best known for his illustration work for »Die Weltwoche« and »NZZ«.

Trained at the college of design in Lucerne, Gefe has published several longer comic stories in collaboration with different writers, combining realistic elements with fictitious episodes. The album »Two by Two« (2011), based on a scenario by Charles Lewinsky and previously appearing as a series in a supplement of the »Tages-Anzeigers«, explores the contradictory effects of pregnancy on the lives of two very different couples over 42 short episodes. Critics praised Gefe’s »expressive drawing«, which revealed, »more about the characters and their trials and tribulations« than the dialogue (»Titel-Magazin«). Stylistically the work is characterised by its clear lines, tidy-looking layout and friendly colouring in pastel shades which relates it to earlier comics. For the comic albums »The singing of the Generals« (2006) and »My brother Flo« (2002) he used the technique of monotype and, using a computer, reworked the dark, dirty and washed out, often menacing images. In the story »Der Gesang der Generäle« (tr. The singing of the generals), which Gefe created in collaboration with the screenwriter José-Luis Bocquet, the theme is drawn from the facts of the Greek military dictatorship. A Greek filmmaker who goes into exile in France after the coup in 1967, plans to make a film about the regime with the actress Melina Mercouri, meanwhile his wife is arrested and tortured at home. »Die Welt« was to declare of it, »This poetic volume offers great pictures which reflect the resignation and loneliness of the protagonists«. Previously the artist had already worked with Bocquet on the narrative of »My brother Flo«, a crime thriller which tells of the tragic story of two naive brothers from the country – one black, the other white – and the misfortunes which befall them in the city. »With astringent images characterised by the omnipresent grey and blue clouds, which stifle the sky, their precision edges fitting together like pieces of a puzzle, as well as by means of the characters’ severe facial expressions, cinematic cuts and perspectives, a (bad) fairy tale is revealed« (»Neue Zürcher Zeitung«). Grefe’s earlier works include his comic book debut, »Madame Lambert«, developed in collaboration with the American crime writer Jerome Charyn, as well as illustrations for the »Geri Weibel« stories by Martin Suter published in »NZZ« (1997–2002). Gefe has also worked as an Illustrator for »Weltwoche«, where in 2008/2009 he illustrated Charles Lewinsky’s serialized novel, »Doppelpass« (tr. Double passport) which deals with the problems of immigrants currently living in Switzerland.