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Portrait Alessandro Cremonesi
© Ali Ghandtschi

Alessandro Cremonesi

Alessandro Cremonesi was born in 1963 in Milan, where he still lives today. From 1993 to 2008 he was songwriter for the Italian rock band »La Crus«. In 2001 he wrote the book »Crocevia« (tr. Crossroads). Besides music, he also provided texts for projects in other media, aong these, for the play »Planetario« (2012; tr. Planetary). His most recent release was a collaboration with Luca »Lagash« Saporiti in the multimedia art project »Canzoni Invisibili« (2013; tr. Invisible songs) inspired by Italo Calvino’s »Die Unsichtbaren Städte« (tr. The invisible cities).


La Crus


Mailand, 1995

La Crus – Crocevia


Mailand, 2001

Canzoni Invisibili Special Edition



Mailand, 2013