23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023
Agony Tonda Montasser
Agony Tonda Montasser [© Erec Schumacher]

Agony [Tonda] Montasser

*2011 in Berlin, was inspired by texts by Martin Piekar to start writing during the first lockdown – writing poetry in the second. He was awarded at THEO 2021 for his poem »Terrassenmassakerkinder versus Zelebrators«, which was described as »a battle against modern apocalyptic horsemen and contemporary evils such as drugs, depression and [of course] bad grades« [juror Temye Tesfu]. Year 2021 winner at lyrix with »Der alte See meines Ichs, verdammt«. Montasser loves action waves and beatboxing, binges everything by the YouTuber Coldmirror and wants to study writing one day.