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23rd ilb Day 11 – Graphic Novel Day and final event

© Charlotte Kunstmann
© Charlotte Kunstmann

On September 16, 2023, the Berlin Literature Festival concluded with a focus on cross-media literary formats. In addition to a book talk featuring Adam Thirlwell, the Graphic Novel Day provided visitors with a fantastic opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of visual storytelling and experience the unique combination of imagery and narration. The »Artist Alley« in the lobby of the Berliner Festspiele added another lively and diverse dimension to the festival. Here, visitors had the unique opportunity to meet talented artists in person and get to know their works. Fascinating graphic novels by renowned artists were presented in the Bornemann Bar, such as Liana Finck with her book »Let There Be Light« and the Finnish illustrator Hanneriina Moisseinen. The events with Alecos Papadatos on »Aristotle« and Titus Ackermann and Zhenya Oliinyk on the comic magazine »Moga Mobo« were also very well received. The Graphic Novel Day was supported by EUNIC, the Pop Up Comic Book Fair by ComicInvasion Berlin.

Liana Finck and Lilian Pithan
Liana Finck and Lilian Pithan © Charlotte Kunstmann

The Bornemann Bar provided the ideal atmosphere to immerse in the world of these talented illustrators and experience the diversity of their artistic expressions. Visitors had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the artists and learn more about the inspiration and creative process behind their works. The finale of the international literature festival berlin was achieved by an enchanting triad of poetry, music, and language. The poets Abdalrahman Alqalaq, Sam Zamrik, and Dima Albitar Kalaji captivated the audience with their performances, delivered in English, Arabic, and German. The fusion of poetry, music, languages, and movement was a successful conclusion to the festival, celebrating cultural diversity and the unifying power of art and literature.

Abdalrahman Alqalaq, Dima Albitar Kalaji, Sam Zamrik
Abdalrahman Alqalaq, Dima Albitar Kalaji, Sam Zamrik © Charlotte Kunstmann