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Portrait John H. McWhorter
© Eileen Barroso

John H. McWhorter

born in Philadelphia in 1965, is a linguist and professor of linguistics at Columbia University. He has published several books, on language as well as on race issues. His research focuses on language change and language contact around the world.


Words on the Move
Why English Won’t – And Can’t – Sit Still (Like, Literally)
Henry Holt
New York, 2016

Talking Back, Talking Black
Truths About America’s Lingua Franca
Bellevue Literary Press
New York, 2017

The Creole Debate
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge, 2018


Woke Racism
How a new Religion has betrayed Black America
Penguin Random House
USA, 2021


Die Erwählten
Wie ein neuer Rassismus die Gesellschaft spaltet
Hoffmann & Campe
Hamburg, 2022
[Ü: Kirsten Riesselmann]