23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Jule Sonnentag

Jule Sonnentag was born in 1989. Studies at the National Academy for Visual Arts Stuttgart, and in Tübingen. Triple winner of the Treffen Junger Autoren, Berlin 2004, 2006 and 2009. Has published short stories in journals and anthologies, including »Hinter der Stirn« (Berlin; tr. Behind her face), »Ganz nah gegenüber« (2007; tr.: Very close, just opposite), »Schräg gegens Licht« (2010; tr.: Oblique. Contre jour). She spent time in South America, and lives and writes in Stuttgart now.

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Ganz nah gegenüber

Anthologie des 21. Treffens Junger Autoren

edition lit.europe

Berlin, 2007

Schräg gegens Licht

Anthologie des 24. Treffens Junger Autoren

Brandes & Apsel

Frankfurt/Main, 2010