Press Reviews

“The international literature festival is a global journey, a constant broadening of horizons. Different perspectives, different narratives, different questions. At the 19th International Literature Festival Berlin, the thematic weight, the breadth of discourse is once again impressive.”

Tip, Eric Heier, 05.09.19

“The fact that the 19th edition of the international literature festival once again offers many new discoveries and broadens the view is what makes it so appealing. It is a journey around the world for which you don’t even have to leave Berlin.”
B.Z., Bettina Göcmener, 11.09.19

“Around the world in ten days. Nowhere is this more successful than at the international literature festival. It’s worth thoroughly exploring the bursting program.”

Der Tagesspiegel, Noemi Hahnemann, 12.09.19

“The international literature festival is one of the biggest festivals of its kind. It is a good thing that it has now also become a semi-official forum for post-colonial issues, in addition to promoting unfamiliar voices and experimental writing.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Samir Sellami, 23.09.19

“Bazaar of world literature, intellectual discourse machine, and political stage for the protection of universal human rights”

Tagesspiegel, 04.09.2018

“World Literature in its Truest Sense”

rbb inforadio – online/dpa, 05.09.2018

“The most beautiful thing about the international literature festival is always completely unexpectedly encountering something wonderful.”

Berliner Zeitung, Sabine Rohlf, 12.09.2018

“With the international literature festival, Schreiber has indeed created a kind of Berlinale of literature, where everyone is invited to slightly get a grip on even the most niggling wanderlust, but where everyone who feels like getting involved is also welcome.”
taz, 06.09.2017

“Which immediately speeds up, showing how much explosive political power there is in the international literature festival. Literature should be more than just be reading, it should be dynamic, concentration of active force.”

tip Berlin, 28.08.2014

“Berlin is the literary capital of Europe, at least until September 15th. That is how long the international literature festival on the Spree lasts, which in the 13 years of its existence has become one of the most important meetings of the writing community on our continent.”
Arte Journal, 12.09.2013

“At any rate, the international literature festival is a great intellectual, moral and artistic circus, a Potsdamer Platz of literature.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 14.09.2012

“Berlin is the most international of the great literature festivals in the republic. In Berlin, there is a resonating aim to contribute to cultural exchange and perhaps even to international understanding.”

taz, 06.09.2012

“In this way, the international literature festival remains a lighthouse that prefers to direct its occasionally glaring light into areas that are distant in terms of geography and mental association. A remarkable contribution to ‘understanding others’, which is considered a key qualification in times of globalization – and to which literature has much to contribute.”

Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 11.09.2009

“The international literature festival is a national event.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 02.10.2008

“And by now it can be considered indisputable that the international literature festival Berlin (ilb for short) is proved its mettle for the enormous city and its enterprising people, for (world) literature and its cosmopolitan readers.”

Die Welt, Wieland Freund, 04.09.2007

“Literature overloading the senses. Unfamiliar names light up, well-known authors shine in front of the audience: The international literature festival overrides the rules of operation.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17.09.2007

“With Schreiber, literature presents itself as a global village. In the Haus der Festspiele they offer that of which there is still too little. The encounter between reading cultures. And the international literature festival does foundational literary work.”

Die Welt, Florian Starck, 18.09.2006

“The comma is back. The distinctive little symbol, an invitation to pause, listen, ask questions, to participate in thinking; pulling you into the world of fantasy, examining of the rolling hills of everyday life.”

Neues Germany, Natalia Arensberg, 05.09.2006

“It is unique in Europe in the abundance that covers the entire city.”
Südwest Presse, 03.09.2005

“There is hardly any other festival that offers such a direct form of cosmopolitanism. The encounter with the foreign was both a reality and a theme, even in many readings.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 05.10.2004

“Nobody no longer wants to do without these 11 days of literary state of emergency.”

Tagesspiegel, 03.10.2004

“A major event, not only in terms of the format and the authors’ international origins, but also in terms of the number of visitors.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 23.09.2003

“This could be paradise for avid readers. The meeting of established writers with newly discovered literary figures on this scale might be unique internationally.”
Gießener Allgemeine, 09.09.2003

“Berlin is calling, and they’re all coming.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02.07.2003

“It is not merely a playground for the world's literatures, it simultaneously gives a stage to a sophisticated concept of world literature – understood as a process of constant exchange of ideas that generates new literature.”

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Michael Bienert, 16.09.2002