23. ilb
06. – 16.09.2023

Nadia Heinsohn

Nadia Heinsohn, born in Berlin, production manager of the 23rd international literature festival berlin. She studied German Philology, Theater Studies and Latin American Studies at the FU Berlin, as well as Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice at the University of Hildesheim with a focus on theater, literature and media studies.

During and after her studies she worked in in various projects of the free theater and performance scene, among others as production manager of the interdisciplinary string ensemble Quartett Plus 1 and within the management team of the European theater and performance Performance Festival transeuropa.

From 2013-15 she was part of the curatorial team of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Subsequently she worked in the areas of production, curation and press at the Nordenhake Gallery until 2023 at Galerie Nordenhake.